Betrayal and Bargaining 10/17/13

So word got out to the vampire prince that one of the Kindred (Miss Destiny) was murdered by one of the Lost, in effect destroying the 38 year truce between the Kindred and the Lost. Justin, the Prince of Newcastle sent his Sheriff to make a meeting between him and Cassandra, the Lost that broker the deal in the first place.

The day after the killing of Miss Destiny, Erickson and Jon went to the library during the day to meet up with Abigail. Erickson was interested in meeting the Winter Court and thought she might know where they could be found. They were told by a clerk that Abigail would come in at 5pm. So Jon stayed at the library while Erickson went to the mall. Also at the mall was Randall. Both missed the other while at the mall. Randall bought cloths and Erickson ate at the food court. While at the Court Erickson saw a changeling enter Dillard’s and followed her in. They meet. Her name was Daphne,a member of the winter court, the very same that Erickson wanted to join. She gave him an address and told him to be there 7pm that night for they were having a meeting. While in the store, both characters saw the televisions the store had hanging around the store advertising change to a black and white screen showing sick, Gothic scenes like the film in the movie the Ring. They each saw a strange woman they will later find out to be the Seamstress.

Back in the Spring Court King’s penthouse, Randell looked through the want ads for a job. He figured that he needed to be doing “Something” constructive now that he was back. The Spring King found him looking and offered him a “job” that night saying it only payed a hundred dollars, but could well lead to further employment. It was at 7pm that night. He gave Randell the address.
5pm rolled around and Erickson went back to the library to meet up with Abigail and his friend. He found Jon watching Barney the Dinosaur with a group of kids. Jon jumped up and told him that he had saw the same video on the tv but no one else there did. It was Barney played out to the humans. The two meet up with Abigail and told her about he woman. Abigail became panicked and told them they had to leave that minute and warn the city’s Lost about her coming back. Out on the sidewalk they see The Seamstress round the corner and Abigail ran.
Then and there Erickson thought he’d make a deal with the Seamstress. He wanted her to (and he came up with this himself through no help from anyone else) become his bride, thinking he could up his power base. The Seamstress answered by growing her needle fingers very long and poking Jon in the chest. At superhuman speed she stated sewing his mouth shut. Jon was paralyzed by the needle and could not defend himself. Erickson (and the player playing him) were mortified, never wanting his friend hurt. The Seamstress showed Erickson who was in charge by she would become his bride and he would join her as the consort, but only when he had delivered EVERY Changeling in the city to her.
The Pledge was formed. The first victim was Jon, who the Seamstress showed Erickson how to change. He cut him up and resewed the victim until he wasn’t recognizable anymore. The Seamstress was delighted to see how her future consort could inflict pain but Erickson couldn’t see his friend suffer so he took him to the curb and smashed his face in.
The second victim was Albert Shawn who was subdued very quickly and transformed from a living store manikin to s stitched up Frankenstein monster type. Fast forward to Devon Marcus coming into the picture to “save” Erickson and Randall (who was in the picture again). He took them to his Hollow to stay. While they were having dinner, a young changeling came running out of the Hedge seeking refuge from some Hedge Beast that was chasing him. This Darkling (the player of Jon, who had to make up a new one)went with Randell back to Earth to meek the Spring King. The two having left, Erickson tried to kill Devon, having called the Seamstress to him, but Devon escaped.



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